I Am Marianne

Freedom is my call. Truly and meaningfully – in harmony with life on Mother Earth.

My mission is to live deeply connected to myself and to bring this true way of living into the world. I accompany you into your connection with yourself and into the life that corresponds to your essence!

So that you can come fully to yourself, successfully fulfill your mission and realize your autonomous life.

It is your path into your highest effectiveness & leadership of your tribe, with whom you become truly free and autonomous.

The 618 Golden Essence Leader Guidance takes you there and is my offer to you.

My Way

is the evolution to my true self

I received my assignment in 2012 in water. I received a divine message underwater. While free diving, I was enveloped in a supernaturally bright blue light and received: Share the healing power of water with the world!

It meant the essential life force of water. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to create a way to guide people into their essence – into their (healing)=wholeness, so that they are truly free.

Today is the time I am deeply grateful to present the result: The 618 Golden Essence Leader Evolution.

Water has always called to me. So long after my German marketing corporate life as well as years as an international scuba diving and freediving instructor & healing coach in water, deeply inspired by Mother Earth’s tropical oceans, I developed my highly effective Golden Essence Evolution programs.

In these natural power programs, you will become truly and deeply aware of who you really are and what you were born for. In 1 year, you build your path to a self-sufficient and autonomous life according to your individual nature, making you independent of jobs and system structures.

With me at your side as your truth detector, you will not get away with vague assumptions, but will be able to develop into your full power in order to create your path to freedom and fulfill your mission with your Tribe.


Mission bevolution?

Mission Bevolution is the call to natural evolution as the Divine intends: Evolution.

Be your own evolution = Be Evolution = BEVOLUTION

Natural evolution is the secret of freedom and true self-determination. It is built on a natural responsibility for life: Your own life and the life of other beings on earth. In Mission Bevolution you create your own life, as your nature intended.

I created Mission Bevolution to support the process of transformation into your natural, truly self-determined life. Step by step you step out of your “no’s” and fears into your own life in full development. Never give in again and make sense, the way you love it.

The secret is to unleash your true nature. This brings you to your unique place in life. You become a strong pioneer leader, releasing your innate leadership nature, taking your unique place in life to lead your tribe into their independent life.

I have developed the 618 Golden Essence Leader Evolution for this deep transformation into an autonomous pioneer leader.

My pioneering


I had many seminal moments, mostly in nature. This is how my inner compass has deeply formed. Today I am in touch with myself and let myself be guided. My milestones:

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    2023, after 15 years as entrepreneur & management consultant etc. my mission was clear: to advise, accompany & empower the right people - who go for humanity and natural living in harmony with nature. This is how Marianneboehm.com became missionbevolution.com, the BEVOLUTION Institute LLC
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    2020 With a green card we went to SW Florida, USA: Sun, sea & freedom were most welcome!
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    2018 - 2020 Training as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner: Deep Dive into body-based trauma healing and stay in Germany with family addition: puppy "Admiral Nelson" from Dominica, W.I.
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    2016 - 2018 Systemic & Team Coach Training: bringing finer energy healing work into my coaching mentoring.
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    2016 After spending time in Caribbean and South Asian countries, I moved to the most natural and water-richest Dominica, W.I. with its lush nature, hot springs and deep underwater world
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    2015 - 2022 Freelance change consulting & coaching in international corporations: Implementing new corporate processes so that people want to go along with them was my assignment
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    2013 - 2016 Training as personal & business coach and business start of marianneboehm.com
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    2012 - 2016 Trainings as a therapist for body healing work in water in Hawai'i: Essential discoveries for my body systemic energy healing work.
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    2012 - 2014 Advanced training in Systemic Family and Symptom Constellations according to Jacob Levy Moreno: My entry into the fascinating body and family systemic energy healing work.
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    2012 Training as an apnea diving instructor: In free diving I explored the fascinating harmony with oneself and the release of the true essence in a human being
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    2009 Breakout from the corporation and Mo-Fr system: Business start in online marketing at the sun and sea of the Caribbean and training as diving instructor
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    2002-2009 Marketing & Corporate Communications in international corporations: My heart beat for people and their challenge of demotivation at work
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    2001 Masters Degree in Business Communication: I wanted to connect humanity with communication
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    1993 Moving into my first adopted home Berlin, traveling in Europe and NY: freedom, joy, first own business, studying
What to expect

when working with me?

You have in me a companion who has gone the way you want to walk. You need that for your success!

A friend once said, “When Marianne starts something, she does it right!”. I simply get to the bottom of things and going through them myself so I know what I’m talking about and that I can support you in the best possible way, because I have your real transformation at heart!

With me, you have the real deal, not some bloated shi-shi that gets you nowhere. I’ll make sure you get into your transformation and don’t fall over in the back. I distance myself from the current glimmer “coaching” trend without depth!

I guide you to your desired goal, so that you actually reach it or go beyond it. My programs are designed so that you make it, because it is personally important to me that you make your change!

And so you will make it:

1. I am well-founded, versatile, deeply and reputably trained & educated!

2. I know from experience how you can make the switch into your free life with deep meaning and natural abundance!

3. I have designed my programs to fit your individual  needs so that they enable your true evolution, without you buckling on the way again and again!

How to do it

to build your autonomous life

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    Walk with my guidance, so you can ask for directions if you get stuck!
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    Learn to turn fear into joy in my programs, and grow beyond yourself every day!
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    Learn to free yourself from external control so that you act in your own interests instead of those of others!
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    Learn to embody your Tribe Leader mission so that you can implement your autonomy path in a steadily growing way!
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    Learn to program yourself for success from your essence so that you can run your business with confidence!

Start your life as a free pioneer of the new era

With my help at your side

Release your life essence with me:

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Activate your Guidance to true freedom

Learn how to turn “Can’t do it!” into “I lead myself!” and suddenly see THAT and HOW you really make it happen:

GEE Guidance, Leadership

FRee yourself & masteR your Way of Life

Free your Leading Nature in the I LEAD program, discover your mission and your own ways to align your daily experiences with your deepest desires. Apply here:

GEE Leader training

Lead otheRs to theiR greatest impact

In the Golden Essence Evolution Leader Training you learn how to guide humans into their deeply meaningful and self-determined lives. Find out how:

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