Course in pure freedom!

Life Unlimited!

Stop saying YES when you mean NO – that’s enough!
You can break out now and free yourself from following the instructions of others and build an independent life!

You want out now

Get out of cover & do what you want:

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    You want to be in charge of how you do what and when and wonder: Who else would?
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    You want to get out of the tight job box and be free! Finally breathe deeply again!
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    You don't want to follow instructions stupidly, you want to do what makes sense for you!
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    You want time in the middle of the day for family, friends and things you love to do!
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    Do you simply want more from life because you feel that you were born for much more? For a life without the constant: "Can't ... mustn't ... can't be done!"
Yes! That's it!

Pure freedom. Doing what makes sense & Joy, be me.

No more rushing through the day without

Sense & understanding

You finally want to do something really meaningful, move mountains, live the way you want and help others to break new ground! Are you a dreamer? Not at all! You are here to create great things!

Hamster wheel is out. Spinning in circles, falling into depression, burnout or lethargy are not an option. Just so you have something in the fridge at the end of the month. No way! Everything is set: live your essential life – for you, for your health and happiness and to inspire others to do so!

Wow, arrived!

Close your eyes…

Can you see it or are you still knee deep in…

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    I have no idea if I can do it!
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    That's unrealistic. I can't just quit my job and turn everything upside down now!
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    That would be great, but I don't know what I'm going to live on!
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    I'm afraid that I won't go through with it and will be left behind without a job!
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    What if my partner doesn't go along? I need help!
You're not alone.

Many share your concerns...

They’re completely normal. New things sometimes make you afraid. That’s why you’re here: to get help! “Life Unlimited” is this first aid. So that you find into your freedom.

You learn

in Life Unlimited

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    How to align yourself clearly so that you can take your power place.
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    How to get rid of your obstacles that have been holding you back up until now.
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    How to find deep meaning in your daily life to develop paths into your freedom.
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    How to start exactly where you are now without having to complete other courses.
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    How to find ways to implement your path to freedom immediately.
You achieve

In Life Unlimited:

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    You can make new decisions unerringly without having to consult long pro and con lists or your loved ones!
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    You are on your course from now on, because you recognize a strong, great goal that suits you, and you no longer give in to your doubts!
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    You activate your natural power with which you confidently stake out your path to freedom and are sure that it is yours, even if others smile at you or want to slow you down!
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    You internalize how to free yourself from limiting states like fear and feelings of helplessness so you can move on!
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    You are sure you are on your path of meaning because you now know how to build a life according to your unique nature!

In Life Unlimited you turn your limited reality upside down!

From here

You go home stressed and frustrated, thinking:

“For how much longer? I’m wasting my time! Every day my energy is wasted on pointless nonsense at work. No one asks what I can do or what I think of it all! Only a numb “have to function” thing. It can’t go on like this! I have to build something of my own, where I finally do what suits me and from which I can make a good living! I just don’t know how!

It is enough! I don’t want to have to get permission to travel or go home or just spend the day the way I want! I want to be able to go whenever I want – not just 3 weeks a year! I want to do whatever I feel like every day so that I can look forward to Monday again!

I’m tired of being so at the mercy and always afraid that I’m going to get fired or punished somehow. I can’t cope with the stress every day and just want some peace and quiet!

At home it is somehow similar. Bad mood, stress in the relationship, always quarreling or we hardly see each other. Everything is just dull work and no real life. I want a nice life and really make a difference in the world. Now I’m like invisible!

How do I get the fuck out of this? “

To here

“Wow, that’s the way to do it! Now I know how to do it!

I’m out of my big question marks about how I’m ever going to get out of this! I know it now! I can see it already: no more of this mindless having to function! There is another way and I am building it now! And that so fast after only 8 weeks in Life Unlimited!

I’m getting out of my fear and implementing, so I don’t feel so helpless and hopeless anymore. Now I also realize that I can really make it to exist without this stressful pointless job trap and even build a mega awesome life that totally fulfills me!

I now see the possibilities and already implement them! Finally, I’m happy to get up in the morning again, because I’m now working on my new reality, even at work. I use every free minute for planning and implementation. The frustration is gone and I am super motivated!

I also now know how to keep going every day so that I reach my goal. I got the tools and I finally don’t have question marks in my head anymore, but new possibilities in me.

I can already see what I am doing in my future, independent and free! I love it!”


I promise to you.

In Life Unlimited you take big steps towards your own way of being free. With the program I give you the tools and knowledge in your hands!

I'm Marianne


When I was at the point where you are now, all I knew was: “I have to get out!” Get out of the office prison and private frustration. And into real life: diving in the Caribbean. That became my next job… Since then I’ve found one door after another. More and more things opened up until I had pieced together what I actually want, why and WHO I actually am.

Today it is clear: I will build your own path in life with you, so that you can look forward to your day in the morning and be full of power to implement what you want to experience! So that you can magnify your way of living freely and inspire others! So that you can do YOUR thing, without fear that you won’t be able to make a living at it, and help the people who need you.

Marianne means freedom in French. I am a nature & sea lover, a pioneer as a coach & mentor and your power nature releaser. My own “Great FreeSet” began in the water. Followed by years of releasing my nature into the nature of various tropical countries.

You too can go this route. You’ll learn how to do this one by one in my programs so that you can get started NOW and not in 10 years.
Not sure,

whether you can do that?

You can do this and this is how:

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    Because you don't yet know how you want to do it after your job and you only know: Like that right now it can't continue!
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    Because you only have vague ideas and wonder if they are not just dreams to "evade reality"!
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    Because you’re still thinking, “Can I really do this?” What if my family/friends don’t support me!”
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    Because you can still hear your inner Rumpelstiltskin: “Meh, I can’t do anything, I’m nothing and if I do, then just start very small!”
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    Because something tenses up in panic and wispers into your ear: “Don’t do that! What if you end up with nothing ? All you're left with is rubble! You'll be totally devastated! This is tiring and uncomfortable! You're alone! You will be dying!!!” – says the fear ego!

Yes, you are getting out of this, and this is how:

Set your sails,

Before drifting further towards the rocks.

It doesn’t get any more comfortable. If you’re honest, you’ll notice that it’s getting more and more tiring. You can no longer suppress the oppressive feeling. Pressure at work, descending at home. All you really want to do is close your eyes and ears.

The truth is: your time is long past. You could have changed that long ago. Yes, because you can! Still now!

You too can change your reality. So that it really excites you! But you keep letting yourself be pushed into the sofa and whispered to yourself: “Don’t do it, it’s not going to work!”

The opposite is true! What if your life spirits suddenly start dancing on the table again as soon as you implement the new? Because that’s what will happen! So, take heart! Like this now, in any case, it doesn’t get any more cozy, where you are at right now.


even though your sofa is starting to leave dents in your bottom, it soon looks like this:

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    It's getting harder and harder to get your hands on your rudder because you keep telling yourself you can't do it yet!
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    Then you lose control and drift in your storm, having no idea what to do and let others tell you again, what you are supposed to do!
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    You still don't get up because you have forgotten what you actually have to do, because you don't have a concrete goal burning in your heart!
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    You hope for a miracle! A savior who grabs you and breathes strength into you. magically instills in you where your journey is going and how to get there!
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    So you wait, you rather sit still. Better than making a wrong move! Think to yourself: How are you supposed to know what the right thing is anyway?

Your head drops direction feet- Rumpelstiltskin wins:

“You see, I just know I can’t do it.”

Nonsense! Of course you can do it!
„Wundervoll fand ich Deine Aufmerksamkeit, die über das gesamte Programm zu fühlen war. Auch wenn ich immer wieder hing, kam die entsprechende E-Mail, die mich wieder wach gemacht hat und mich zum Nachdenken gebracht hat. Die Videostunden waren eine wundervolle Erfahrung. Ich habe mich genau so geborgen und gehalten gefühlt wie beim AquaticFlow.

Es war eine sehr angenehme Behandlung und im Vergleich zu anderen Therapien, waren schnelle Erfolge zu spüren. Ich konnte ganz alte Muster lösen. Mit sehr viel Feingefühl und echter Anteilnahme Deinerseits, habe ich mich gut aufgehoben gefühlt“
C. B.
„Worte können wirklich nicht vollständig beschreiben, was ich während meiner Sitzung erlebt habe. Eine erleuchtende, aber dennoch erhebende und tröstende Erfahrung.

Seit meiner Rückkehr fühle ich mich so gut wie schon lange nicht mehr. Vielen Dank, Marianne! Wir sehen uns bald mit vielen weiteren Menschen, die ihren Weg wiederfinden müssen.“

Dominica W.I.

My program participants also started out like you now. They plucked up their courage and jumped. They got further …

They became

Creative power beings

Who march off and finally free themselves from their question marks. Those who no longer ponder whether it is possible, but simply do it!

Yes, and they keep going and can no longer be stopped. They are currently conquering their world. Lack of freedom is no longer an issue. You understand what it means to stand up for yourself and take the helm!
“ had a water treatment with Marianne in 2013. Marianne has a caring gentleness mixed with amazing skill that helped transform my stress and worries into deep relaxation and bliss.

The effects of their use lasted not only during the session, but also for several weeks afterwards. This really surprised me because in the past I had felt stressed when I had stress in everyday life.

It was then that I realized how beneficial this water healing treatment was for my emotional well-being and nervous system.”
Fabienne, 35 Jahre
Big Island, Hawaii
“I discovered that I didn't know how to use my connection to my feelings and learned to make decisions from my heart/feelings, which gave me a lot of trust and ease.
I have discovered the causes of my old behavior patterns and can now intervene before I fall into them. I have also gotten to know myself more and know what is important to me in life and can see my path more clearly. I am even more honest and direct than before, which brings more clarity on all sides.
I achieved my breakthroughs because I learned to listen to myself and see where which Walter needed my attention at the moment. Also by listening to my inner self (feelings/heart) by taking more time for myself and meditation and through routines and constant connection with myself.”
Walter, 40 Jahre
Now it's your turn!

Start youR own path! This is what awaits you

in Life Unlimited
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    Module 1: Activate your route map from job dependency to independent earning and real freedom
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 2: Activate your I AM energy to go from obedient to self-determined and confidently go your own way
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 3: Activate the 2 main driving forces for your autonomous lifestyle, fully from your power nature
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 4: Activate your ability to free yourself from limiting behaviors and unleash your purpose
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 5: Activate your power of implementation and start your freedom with unerring strategies from where you are now
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 6: Learn how to position yourself from your I AM energy and connect successfully with your SoulMatches!
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    BONUS 1: Practical tools, workbook, checklists that will help you continue to implement as easy as pie!
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    BONUS 2: Practical implementation of steps out of your frustration & out of the job trap that you can implement immediately!
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    BONUS 3: Practical application of tools from limiting behaviors that support your path to freedom every day!


The program is

Suitable for you if

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    You are tired of others determining your day and the quality of your precious life time!
  • bulletpoints__check
    Everything in your life seems superficial, without substance and also wrong, because you realize: This is not you!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You feel empty and exhausted, often stressed and you would like to quit and fly on vacation!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You feel your job is pointless because you can't make a difference and this is not even wanted!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You want to inspire other people so that they themselves can also live freely and fulfilled!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You are urgently looking for a way out to live freely without fear of loss of income!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You know you were born for more and have felt this call for a long time!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You realize that you are not made for the Have-to-function-system!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You know you want to present yourself as you are without having to constantly pretend!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You want to put something big of your own on the two, just do not know how yet!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You would like to help others, but are not yet sure where you can best support in!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You feel that you have certain gifts, but they don't find space in your job because no one knows about them!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You just realize, your everyday life is getting tighter, more exhausting and is finishing you and you know: "I have to change that now!"
This program is

NOT foR you if

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    You expect a ready-made business plan with which you are immediately self-employed.
  • bulletpoints__false
    You are not ready to take the steps independently on your way to freedom.
  • bulletpoints__false
    You are not ready to put your new free life on solid feet right from the start to make it work.
  • bulletpoints__false
    You think that after this starter program you will be immediately independent and freely earn enough money.
  • bulletpoints__false
    You are not really ready to change yourself so that you create a better reality.
  • bulletpoints__false
    You are not willing to invest your time or money or both in yourself and your future.
  • bulletpoints__false
    You still think of reasons why you can't change your situation now.
Get up

and get go now!


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    1 e-mail with your booking confirmation for the program!
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    1 E-mail about the course of the program and your workbook as Pdf!
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    Access to the Welcome Zoom Call via email with date, time and link.
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    8 weeks long weekly follow-up emails with access to zoom calls
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    For 8 weeks weekly impulse emails with steps to implement on your own
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    BONUS 1: Additional Q&A Zoom Calls answering all questions!
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    BONUS 2: Exclusive facebook group with more insights and input!

for only


(No refund possible)

Why linger in the air any longer?

These pioneers

have already taken possession of theiR lives

The biggest breakthrough is being able to look at my past and draw from it. Many things and in many ways. I can look at feelings and decisions, classify them, look at where I am now and make new decisions. I see myself from the inside. I can concentrate on myself. I am open to finding my way. I am actively looking for my path. I think in perspective.
Marianne, thank you for the lessons and the healing. Wow! I escaped with everything and am my true self! Forever grateful!

Costa Rica

questions & Answers

Life Unlimited is a program that takes place according to our common schedule.

The program lasts 8 weeks.

This program takes place online in Zoom and at your home for your independent study.

There is no registration period. You can book and go through this program at any time.

Yes. But the FB community offers you the opportunity to ask questions and get additional input.

Feel free to send your questions to or to the Facebook group.

Do you have any questions?

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