Golden Essence Retreat!

618 leadeR Initiation

Let yourself be initiated into the 618 Golden Essence Evolution leader of the new era – with the wonder water in the lush natural abundance of the Caribbean

Become one with you

create true magic for life

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    You don't want to let anything slow you down, want to lead the way now and inspire others to do the same?
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    Do you want to activate everything within you so that you can realize your great vision of your new life every day with full courage?
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    Do you want to get out of small things and take big steps for yourself and others?
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    Do you want the deepest clarity about your mission in life and the way in which you implement your new life in your very own way?
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    Do you want to connect with your tribe in essence so that you are always aware of how you can best support them?
Yes! I am ready

to fulfill my highest mission of the new era

I'm letting go of all safety anchors now

Go All In

You know that now is your time? To fully realize your mission. In a time that needs new leaders. True leaders by example and with a heart for their tribe. Is that you? But do you feel insecure?

Yes, because everything is new. The fact that you now have the opportunity to work fully according to your nature, without interference from others, with full permission on a free path: that is new. And that makes you insecure.

Trust your intuition: now is your time! Get in the driver’s seat and do what you were born to do. Get everything you still need to fulfill your mission: Clarity, confidence, like-minded people, help, ways and means, a sense of purpose and freedom.

The freedom to implement your mission, such as free time, new priorities, methods to align your mindset and your thinking and your strength for constant implementation.

Dive in & activate

your guidance

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    Spark a deep trust, inner security and the inner peace to take your pioneering place!
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    Merge with the origin, your being, the future and charge your system with the truth of your life!
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    Let yourself be guided by your nature and be surprised which of your parts will powerfully steer your path from now on!
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    Find the access behind the fear and learn to disempower it & use it lovingly as a driving force!
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    Werde machtvoller Teil der universellen Natur und steuere dein Leben nach ihren Gesetzen!
Become one with yourself

youR true nature

The deep connection with yourself, one with your essence, your gifts and your uniqueness, brings you to your own place in the universe.

You learn

in the Golden Essence Leader Initiation

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    How to clearly align yourself so that you can recognize and use your natural leadership gift!
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    How to bundle your skills so that you can develop unchecked in your leadership role and truly inspire your tribe!
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    How you can no longer let yourself be slowed down and steadfastly put your vision into practice!
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    How you make your decisions in deep inner peace because you know which ones are right for you and follow them!
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    How to transform your last ambiguity into light and joyfully realize what you are really here for!
You achieve

In the Great FreeSet

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    That you can make new decisions accurately, without long pros and cons!
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    That you stay on track without falling victim to your doubts!
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    That you recognize your power to no longer care whether others smile at you!
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    That you recognize where you stand and know what to do to move forward!
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    That you feel safe because you can now see how you can live a life according to your ideas.

In the Great Freeset you turn your reality upside down

From here

You go home stressed and frustrated, thinking: “For how much longer? I’m wasting my time! Every day my energy is wasted on pointless nonsense at work. Nobody asks what I can do! A single “must work.” It can’t go on like this! I need to build something of my own, I just don’t know how!

It is enough! I don’t want to have to get permission to travel. I want to be able to go whenever I want – not just 3 weeks a year! I want to do whatever I feel like every day so that I can look forward to Monday again!

I’m tired of being so exposed and always being afraid that I’ll get fired. I can’t cope with the stress every day and just want some peace and quiet!

The mood at home is just bad. Happy relationship? No way! There’s no time for that at all.

How do I get the fuck out of this? “

To here

“Awesome, that’s how it works! Now I know how to do it!

Finally I know what I have to do! I can already see it: stop working! I’m now building my own path and saying goodbye to bad moods and fear.

Now I also realize that I can do it. See the possibilities! I’m finally looking forward to getting up in the morning again because I know there’s something much more brilliant waiting for me out there than this stupid job and the frustration at home!

Now I know what I have to do to get out.

The best thing is: I can already see what I will do in the future, independently and freely! I love it! “

I promise to you.

In the Great FreeSet you will take big steps closer to your way of living freely. With this course I give you the cornerstones for this!
I'm Marianne


When I got to the point where you are now, I just knew: “I have to get out!” I had to get out of being forced to perform and follow instructions. I wanted to be in charge of my own life!

I wanted to get into real life: Into my life! And went diving in the Caribbean for the first time. That became my next job. In truth, it became my connection to myself through the elemental force of water: the essence of life 618!
Since then, I’ve found one door after another. More and more opened up until I had put together what I actually wanted, why and WHO I actually am.

Today it is clear: I accompany you in finding your truth, so that you can deeply discover your nature and realize your very own life mission for the new era. So that you celebrate every day in the morning and powerfully create what your being wants to create. So that you can find your tribe that feels magically attracted to you. So that you are loving with yourself instead of being afraid of yourself and thinking you can’t survive on your own. So that you can help the world that needs you now.

Marianne means freedom in French. I am a nature & sea lover, a silence-loving trailblazer as your guide and your essence connector. My own initiation to my essence began underwater. Followed by years of clearing & organizing my nature in tropical environments. In parallel, I have advised leaders such as entrepreneurs and managers personally and professionally.

I am here for you now. You can find out how you can get started on your path in my rooms and not only after years on your own, in your personal pathfinder call and experience it in my programs.

Not sure,

whether you can do that?

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    Because you don't yet know how you want to do it after your job and you just realize: It can't continue like this!
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    Because you only have vague ideas and wonder if they are n't just dreams to "evade reality"!
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    Because you’re still thinking, “Can I really do this?” What if my family/friends don’t support me!”
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    Because you can still hear your Rumpelstiltskin : “Meh, I can’t do anything, I’m nothing and if I do, then just start very small!”
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    Because something tenses up in panic and beams into your ear: “Don’t do that! What if you end up with nothing ? All you're left with is rubble! You'll be totally devastated! This is tiring and uncomfortable! You're alone! I’m dying!!!” – says the ego!
Here’s how you get out of there:
Set the sails,

Before drifting further towards the rocks.

It doesn’t get any more comfortable. If you’re honest, you’ll notice that it’s getting more and more tiring. You can no longer suppress the oppressive feeling. Pressure at work, arguments at home. All you really want to do is close your eyes and ears.

The truth is: your time is long past. You could have jumped long ago! Yes, because you can!

You too can change your reality. So that you like them too! But you keep letting yourself be pushed into the sofa and whispered to yourself: Don’t do it, it’s dangerous!

The opposite is true! What if your spirits suddenly dance on the table again? So, dare! It doesn’t get any more comfortable.


Even though your sofa is slowly making dents in your butt, it soon looks like this:

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    It's getting harder and harder to get your hands on your rudder because you keep telling yourself you can't do it yet!
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    Then you lose control and drift in your storm, having no idea what to do and let others tell you again!
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    You still don't get up because you've forgotten what you're supposed to do.
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    You're hoping for a miracle! A savior who grabs you and puts you at the helm!
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    So you wait, you'd better sit still. Better than making a wrong move! Think to yourself: How are you supposed to know what the right thing is?

Your head drops - Your Rumpelstiltskin wins:

“You see, I knew I couldn’t do it.”
But! You can do that!
“I found your attention, which I could feel throughout the entire program, wonderful. Even though I kept hanging, the corresponding email came that woke me up again and made me think. The video lessons were a wonderful experience. I felt just as safe and held as I did with AquaticFlow.

It was a very pleasant treatment and, compared to other therapies, quick results were noticeable. I was able to solve very old patterns. With a lot of sensitivity and genuine compassion on your part, I felt like I was in good hands.”
C. B.
“Words truly cannot fully describe what I experienced during my session. An enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience.

Since my return I have felt better than I have in a long time. Thank you, Marianne! We will soon see many more people who need to find their way again.”
Natasha, 42 Jahre
Dominica W.I.
My course participants also started, just like you are now. They took their courage and jumped. You’ve moved on…
They were closed

Creative power people

Who march off and finally free themselves from their question marks. Those who no longer ponder whether it is possible, but simply do it!

Yes, and they keep going and can no longer be stopped. They are currently conquering their world. Lack of freedom is no longer an issue. You understand what it means to stand up for yourself and take the helm!
“ had a water treatment with Marianne in 2013. Marianne has a caring gentleness mixed with amazing skill that helped transform my stress and worries into deep relaxation and bliss.

The effects of their use lasted not only during the session, but also for several weeks afterwards. This really surprised me because in the past I had felt stressed when I had stress in everyday life.

It was then that I realized how beneficial this water healing treatment was for my emotional well-being and nervous system.”
Fabienne, 35 Jahre
Big Island, Hawaii
“I discovered that I didn't know how to use my connection to my feelings and learned to make decisions from my heart/feelings, which gave me a lot of trust and ease.
I have discovered the causes of my old behavior patterns and can now intervene before I fall into them. I have also gotten to know myself more and know what is important to me in life and can see my path more clearly. I am even more honest and direct than before, which brings more clarity on all sides.
I achieved my breakthroughs because I learned to listen to myself and see where which Walter needed my attention at the moment. Also by listening to my inner self (feelings/heart) by taking more time for myself and meditation and through routines and constant connection with myself.”
Walter, 40 Jahre
Now it's your turn!

Start your own path! This is what awaits you

in the Great Freeset
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    Module 1: Instructions on how to align yourself with your vision
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    Module 2: Instructions & experience on how to recognize your obstacles
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 3: Instructions & experience on how to discover new opportunities
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 4: Instructions & experience on how to implement your new reality immediately
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 5: Instructions & experience on how to activate your PowerNatur
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 6: Instructions on how to stay on your new path

88 €


The course is

Suitable for you if

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    You realize you HAVE to do something differently now because you're tired of others determining your day
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    Everything in your life seems superficial, without substance
  • bulletpoints__check
    You feel empty and you would like to quit and fly away
  • bulletpoints__check
    You find your job pointless because you can't do anything about it
  • bulletpoints__check
    You want to share knowledge and experiences with other people so that they can be free
  • bulletpoints__check
    You are urgently looking for a way out to live freely without fear of loss of income
  • bulletpoints__check
    You know you were born for more and have had this reputation for a long time
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    You realize that you are not made for the office and functional system
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    You know you want to present yourself as you are without having to constantly pretend
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    You want to do something big for both of them, but you just don't know how yet
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    You would like to help other people, but don't yet know how best
  • bulletpoints__check
    You feel that you have certain gifts that have no place in your job
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    You notice that everything is getting tighter and tighter and you have to get out of there now!
The course is

NOTHING for you if

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    You expect a finished business plan
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    You don't want to put your new reality on a solid footing
  • bulletpoints__false
    You think that after this starting course you have to make a lot of money immediately
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    You are not ready to change for a new reality
  • bulletpoints__false
    You are not willing to invest your time and money in yourself
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    You're still making excuses why you can't change anything now
Get up now

and go now!


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    1x immediate access to the course videos
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    1x immediate access to your course companion
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    4x follow-up emails with audio instructions and impulses
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    BONUS 1: Invitation to the exclusive Great FreeSet Tribe
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    BONUS 2: Unlimited Questions & Answer Email Support

for just one time

88 €

(No refund possible)


These predecessors

have already taken possession of their lives again

The biggest breakthrough is being able to look at my past and draw from it. Many things and in many ways. I can look at feelings and decisions, classify them, look at where I am now and make new decisions. I see myself from the inside. I can concentrate on myself. I am open to finding my way. I am actively looking for my path. I think in perspective.
Heidrun, 53 Jahre
Marianne, thank you for the lessons and the healing. Wow! I escaped with everything and am my true self! Forever grateful!

Laura, 52 Jahre
Costa Rica

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