Initiation of your true Self

618 I LEAD Initiation

Instead of anxiously and insecurely following the instructions of others, you free yourself from the feeling of being remote-controlled. You finally allow yourself to be yourself and bring your unsuspected treasures to the surface!

Instead of insecure & anxious

Learn to live freely & calmly:

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    You don't want to "have to" do anything anymore and finally experience what you really enjoy?
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    Do you want to live independently, free from the constraints of jobs and demands without fear of not having enough money to live on?
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    Do you want to follow your calling and use your talents & gifts to build a life that awakens your deepest joie de vivre & makes you truly meaningful?
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    Do you want to stop being disappointed and learn how to move your life forward in a way that suits you?
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    Do you want deep clarity about how you can create a fulfilling life for yourself?
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    You no longer want to feel helpless and powerless and want to develop freely without having to follow instructions from others?
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    Do you want to be free through the ceiling and creatively develop your own way of living carefree?
You can have that

Pure freedom! Doing what makes sense & is real joy

No more hanging your head

Change your reality

Can you hear your inner call getting louder and louder that things can’t go on like this? Can you already hear where it is pulling you? Do you realize that you should now focus on this call and leave everything else that is holding you back?

Do you suddenly realize that you’ve always had this feeling that you were born for something special and bigger than 0815? Do you realize that you want to get out of “that’s just the way it is” attitudes?

You can do that right now! You can now come into your own life, which you shape yourself. You can now learn to live according to your own ideas and leave behind all the guidelines and manipulations of others.

Find out how you can become the captain of your life and implement it in such a way that you become an inspiration to others:

You are pure life

Give yourself free rein & create

Can you taste it yet or are you still holding it back?

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    I still can't imagine and don't even know how I'm going to manage it!
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    Seems unrealistic to me. I can't just throw in the towel and leave everything behind!
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    I'm already curious, but I don't know where my livelihood is going to come from!
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    I would be afraid that I wouldn't go through with it and be left behind without a job!
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    And what if my partner doesn't go along with me? I need help!
You are not alone in this

Many are also uncertain

You can transform this! New things are scary at first. That’s why you’re here: To walk your path with help! “I LEAD” is this help. So that you can achieve your very own life!

What you will learn in

I LEAD deeply in youR true being

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    How to create more security in yourself so that you choose for yourself instead of for others' interests.
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    How to get rid of the obstacles that have held you back until now.
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    How you become increasingly relaxed because you realize it's okay to go your own way.
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    How to connect with your field of possibilities and step into the unknown with joy.
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    How you release the ability to act and the strength to implement, which makes the new easy for you.
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    How to constantly raise your vibration to achieve more desired experiences in everyday life.
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    How to strengthen yourself so that you can confidently implement your path and fluently overcome resistance.
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    How to align yourself with your big vision and consciously implement it with inner clarity.
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    How you can gain deep clarity and be increasingly sure of what your divine mission is.
You achieve

In the I LEAD 1 to 1 Programm

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    Clarity about your divine mission, your gifts, abilities, with which you can build the fulfilling life with which you inspire others!
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    Combine a deep sense of belonging to something with a sense of purpose because you know what you were born for and feel that you now have to put it into practice so that others can learn from you!
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    The deep sense of who you are and the unlimited power you are equipped with to move mountains for a new world here and now!
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    The ability to step out of fears and worries, to dissolve their causes and thus release more life energy, which you urgently need to realize your vision!
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    The ability to lead yourself out of stress and to connect with your inner guidance so strongly that you take the right steps instead of making momentous decisions under stress.
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    The ability to hold on to yourself wherever you are so that you can stand firm when other people challenge you.
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    The ability to deeply perceive when things have changed according to your nature, so that you grow more and more tangibly into your divine greatness.

In I LEAD you get your reality right

From here

Stressed & frustrated, you go home, thinking:

“How much longer? I’m wasting my time! Every day my energy is wasted on pointless nonsense at work and pointless conversations. No one cares who I am or what I want! It’s just “having to work” without any sense or reason. I can’t go on like this! I have to build something of my own!

But how? I don’t want to have to get permission whether I can travel or not. I want to be able to go whenever I want – and not just 3 weeks a year! I want to do what means something to me every day! And not waste another minute!

I’m so sick of it. Always being in fear that I’ll be fired or that others will think I’m crazy!
I can’t take the stress anymore and I want my peace and quiet!

It’s just a bad mood at home too. Happy relationship? Playing with my children? When can I?

How do I get the hell out of this?”

To here

“Awesome, that’s how it works! Now I know how to do it!

The first step has been taken! I finally know what I have to do and where I’m heading. I can already see it: no more working! I’m now building my own way of life in a way that I really enjoy and that makes sense! Because I want to support others and make good use of my abilities!

My bad mood and constant anxiety have finally gone, or rather I now know where they come from and can resolve them! So relieved!

Now I also realize that I can achieve what I really want. I can see the possibilities! I’m happy to get up in the morning again because I know that something much more brilliant is waiting for me out there than this boring job and the frustration at home. And I’m building that up now!

Now I also know what I have to do to get out of the trap. The best thing is: I can already see what I’m doing in the future, independently and freely! I’m on my way and I love it!

Yes, you can do it!

I promise to you.

In the I LEAD Initiation, you take the helm of your life and take big steps towards your freedom. In this program, you release your individual solutions 1:1!

I'm Marianne


When I got to the point where you are now, I just knew: “I have to get out!” Out of the office prison and private frustration. And into real life: To the Caribbean to go diving. That became my next job. In truth, it became my connection to myself through the elemental force of water: the essence of life 618!
Since then, I’ve found one door after another. More and more opened up until I had put together what I actually wanted, why and WHO I actually am.

Today it’s clear: I’m connecting you with your true self so that you can build your own autonomous life path. So that you can look forward to your day in the morning and powerfully realize what you want to experience and inspire your tribe! So that you can fulfill YOUR mission, in loving connection instead of fearing that you won’t be able to make a living from it, and help the people who need you.

Marianne means freedom in French. I am a nature & sea lover, a silence-loving trailblazer as your guide and your essence connector. My own awakening to my power to guide myself started in the water. Followed by years of releasing my nature in the nature of tropical countries. All this time I have been advising entrepreneurs and managers personally and in relation to their leadership role.

You too can let me support you. Find out how you can take off NOW and not in 10 years’ time in the Pioneer Call and experience my programs. Contact me for details!

You are not sure

whetheR you can do that?

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    Because you don't yet know how you want to do it after your job and you just realize: It can't continue like this!
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    Because you only have vague ideas and wonder if they are n't just dreams to "evade reality"!
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    Because you’re still thinking, “Can I really do this?” What if my family/friends don’t support me!”
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    Because you can still hear your Rumpelstiltskin: “Nah, I can’t do anything, I’m nothing and if I do, then just start really very careful!”
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    Because something tenses up in panic and whispers into your ear: “Don’t do that! What if you end up with nothing ? You'll be devastated! This will get you down! You're alone!” – yells the ego...

That way you’ll still get out of it and become successfully free:

Set the sails,

before it gets even tighter.

It’s not getting any more comfortable. If you’re honest, you realize that it’s getting more and more exhausting. You can no longer suppress the oppressive feeling. Pressure at work, stress at home, everything is gray in your everyday life. All you want to do is get under the comforter.

The truth is: your time has long since come. You could have jumped a long time ago! Yes, because you’re ready! You just don’t believe it yet?

You too can turn your reality 180°. The way that’s good for you. But you keep letting yourself fall into the sofa and whispering to yourself: “Don’t do it, it’s dangerous!”

The opposite is true! What if your spirits suddenly dance on the table again when you take just one step forward? Come on, have the courage! Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any cozier than this…


Even though your sofa is slowly making dents in your butt, it soon looks like this:

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    It's getting harder and harder to get your hands on your rudder because you keep telling yourself you can't do it yet!
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    Then you lose control and drift in your storm, having no idea what to do and let others tell you again!
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    You still don't get up because you've forgotten what you're supposed to do.
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    You're hoping for a miracle! A savior who grabs you and puts you at the helm!
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    So you wait, you'd better sit still. Better than making a wrong move! Think to yourself: How are you supposed to know what the right thing is?

Your head drops - Your Rumpelstiltskin wins:

“I don’t think I can manage that!”

But! You can do that!
„I found your attention, which I could feel throughout the entire program, wonderful. Even when I kept getting stuck, you would send me an email that woke me up and made me think. The video sessions were a wonderful experience. I felt just as safe and held as I did during the AquaticFlow.

It was a very pleasant treatment and, compared to other therapies, the results were quick. I was able to release very old patterns. With a great deal of sensitivity and genuine compassion on your part, I felt that I was in good hands“
C. B.
“Words really can't fully describe what I experienced during my session. An enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience.

Since my return I feel better than I have for a long time. Thank you so much, Marianne! See you soon with many more people who need to find their way again.

My program participants also started out like you are now. They plucked up their courage and moved on …

They are now

Creative power creators

They are now guiding themselves through their new life and have freed themselves from “It won’t work! They no longer brood and just do it!

Yes, and they can’t be stopped. There is no more lack of freedom. They know that they can make more and more things possible for themselves because they have learned this in I LEAD. They have also learned to stand up for themselves and take control of their lives!

“Marianne has a caring gentleness mixed with amazing skill that helped transform my stress and worries into deep relaxation and bliss.

The effects of their use lasted not only during the session, but also for several weeks afterwards. This really surprised me because in the past I had felt stressed when I had stress in everyday life.

It was then that I realized how beneficial this water healing treatment was for my emotional well-being and nervous system.”
Big Island, Hawaii
“I discovered that I didn't know how to use my connection to my feelings and learned to make decisions from my heart/feelings, which gave me a lot of trust and ease.
I have discovered the causes of my old behavior patterns and can now intervene before I fall into them. I have also gotten to know myself more and know what is important to me in life and can see my path more clearly. I am even more honest and direct than before, which brings more clarity on all sides.
I achieved my breakthroughs because I learned to listen to myself and see where which Walter needed my attention at the moment. Also by listening to my inner self (feelings/heart) by taking more time for myself and meditation and through routines and constant connection with myself.”
Now it's your time!

Start your own path! This is what awaits you

in the I Lead Initiation
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    Module 1: Deep activation of the guidance from your being for the successful creation of your self-determined experience
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 2: Deep understanding and integration of your physical self-healing processes to dissolve limiting patterns
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 3: Integrating your unlimited quantum energy field to create access to new possibilities for a new reality
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Module 4: Deep activation of your alignment with your nature and corresponding life vision to implement the necessary steps
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    BONUS 1: 1-to-1 instructions, guidance, body experiences in the quantum field for effective internalization of self-leadership
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    BONUS 2: Accompanying program workbooks, additional email and fb group support for sharing experiences and questions
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    BONUS 3: The video course "Awaken to Being" is INCLUDED at no extra charge with all course content and accompanying workbooks


one time payment or:

$2750 + $2300

2 installments

The 1 to 1 program

is suitable foR you if

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    You have known for a long time that you MUST change something now because you are fed up with others controlling your life!
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    So many things in life now seem dead, insignificant, without meaning & substance, gray in gray!
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    You feel empty and exhausted, you'd like to quit, pack your bags and fly away!
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    You no longer want to allow others to constantly dance on your nose and not really see you!
  • bulletpoints__check
    You are urgently looking for ways to free yourself from stress and pressure from others!
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    You know you were born for more and now you want to find out what that is and how to turn it into a new fulfilling way of life!
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    You finally want to be yourself, without fear of criticism and rebuke!
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    You want to rest in yourself in the certainty that you are right and secure in yourself!
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    You feel that you are here to help others become freer too, but you don't know how to do it yet!
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    You feel that you have special talents and gifts that you have not yet been able to use in your job or in everyday life!
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    You realize that this new time is making your inner call louder and louder, that you urgently need to find support before things get even tighter!
The programm is

ratheR NOTHING foR you if

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    You expect a modular system a là "one size fits all", in which you only need to work bluntly.
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    You are not ready to deal deeply with yourself and the past events of your life!
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    You think that after this intensive program you have already done everything you need to do to live completely free. This program is just the foundation!
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    You are not ready to change yourself and your habits so deeply until a new experience can show up for you!
  • bulletpoints__false
    You are not prepared to commit yourself, your time and your financial resources to this transformation!
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    You now find stories why you can't take this step into your new life right now and postpone it!
Say Yes now

determine your own life!


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    1x e-mail with your booking confirmation and information about the procedure of this exclusive 1to1 LIVE Guidance Program!
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    1x Zoom Pathfinder call to align your goals for this Program!
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    1x instant access to the video course "Awaken to Being" with course videos & accompanying workbooks!
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    1x e-mail with the agreed Live Guidance Zoom dates and the first program companion as a pdf!
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    8x audio activations for deeply transformative body experiences into your very own self-guidance into your nature-just lifestyle
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    Access to the closed program's own FB group for sharing experiences and questions & answers
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    BONUS 1: Exclusive VIP day at the magical 618 Golden Essence Leader Initiation Caribbean Retreat in 2024 and 2025!
  • bulletpoints__arrow
    BONUS 2: Upgrade option to the exclusive Golden Essence Evolution (GEE) program, THE freedom business foundation program for pioneers!
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    BONUS 3: All calls are for you alone to truly transform your individual personal issues deeply for your highest good!

one time payment


or in 2 installments:

$2750 + $2300

(No refund possible)

Why wait?

These power ladies

have already taken possession of their lives again

The biggest breakthrough is being able to look at my past and draw from it. Many things and in many ways. I can look at feelings and decisions, classify them, look at where I am now and make new decisions. I see myself from the inside. I can concentrate on myself. I am open to finding my way. I am actively looking for my path. I think in perspective.
Marianne, thank you for the lessons and the healing. Wow! I escaped with everything and am my true self! Forever grateful!

Costa Rica

questions & Answers

I LEAD is an exclusive 1-to-1 LIVE Guidance program that you coordinate with Mission BEvolution to start. You go through the upstream video course Awaken to Being in the first 3 weeks after the start of the program according to your own schedule.

I LEAD runs for 4 months including the “Awaken to Being” video course. You will take an average of 2-3 weeks to complete it. At the same time, I LEAD starts with the modules in LIVE ZOOMS, so that this program lasts a total of 4 months.

This program takes place online in agreed Zoom calls. In addition, you will work on exercises for yourself regardless of location, just as it works for you. There is also an exclusive FB group for additional exchange.

You can currently register for I LEAD at any time.

Yes, but the FB community offers you the opportunity to ask questions in the group and get additional inspiration. You are also among like-minded people there and can exchange experiences and share successes.

Please be welcome to send your questions to or in the Facebook group.

Do you have any questions?

Write To me Here:

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You will receive valuable inspiration and guidance with which you can take your life into your own hands.